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Jessica Keats C-IAYT

In 2009, Jessica began her transformation from a fitness instructor to a yoga teacher when she first unrolled her mat for Yoga Training. She quickly fell in love with the feeling of breathing, listening to her body and letting go. She excitedly set out to teach yoga to everyone.  With her welcoming and inclusive tone she soon had students of all ages, and all levels of ability learning and experiencing the same benefits she felt.

Jessica began to notice that despite their differences, her students all had one thing in common. They came to yoga to feel better. Yoga was helping them to release stress, tightness, tension and pain. Wanting to help her students find more comfort both in and out of class Jessica began studying.

As a certified Yoga Therapist she uses a unique blend of hands on techniques, movements, held postures and breath work to help unravel compensation patterns. Leading to decreased pain, better mobility and increased strength. She helps to restore ease and calm so her clients can live the life they want to live.

Jessica Keats lives and works in Ottawa, Canada.


  • Yoga Therapy Certified – International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist – Canfitpro

  • CPR Certified

Jessica continues to study…

  • Brain and Sensory Foundations – Move, Play, Thrive

  • Craniosacral Therapy – The Upledger Institute

  • Visceral Manipulation – The Barral Institute

  • Rhythmic Movement – Rhythmic Movement Training International