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Jessica Keats – Healing is possible!

I think I was born feeling uncomfortable in my body. I have childhood memories of feeling uncomfortable. Then I added sprains, falls, breaks, head injuries, car accidents, and surgeries on top of that feeling. I wasn’t into much physical activity so I went years without feeling any discomfort, tension or pain.

In my early twenties I started running every day, I took it slow and increased distance and speed over time. I experienced positive body changes, increased muscle mass, weight loss and I was making better life choices.  In my late twenties I found a gym and went every day, I trained, I attended classes and I eventually became a fitness instructor. I experienced a few more sprains and injuries.

In 2009, I began studying and teaching Yoga, I fell in love with it. It opened me up and made me look inside. I was moving in new ways and I was becoming aware of my body again. Yoga encouraged me to slow down, to take a look around, to have conversations and to ask questions.

My continued training asked me to come clean about the state of my own body. If I couldn’t see myself I would not be able to truly see my clients who needed my help. I was in pain, not just come and go pain, real pain. I was asking my own body to do poses and movements that were aggravating me. I needed to take a closer look at all the sprains, falls, breaks, head injuries, car accidents, and surgeries and how they affected my body. It was time to realize my beliefs and behaviours were contributing to my state. It was time to start to heal.

I kept training and I kept looking inwards, asking questions, stepping forward, healing.

It isn’t always smooth sailing; there are times when I feel physically, mentally and emotionally uncomfortable. I keep going.
Feeling better today then I did a year, month or even a week ago makes it all worth it.
I know healing is possible. Feeling good is possible.


  • Yoga Therapy Certified – International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist – Canfitpro

  • CPR Certified

Jessica continues to study…

  • Brain and Sensory Foundations – Move, Play, Thrive

  • Craniosacral Therapy – The Upledger Institute

  • Visceral Manipulation – The Barral Institute

  • Rhythmic Movement – Rhythmic Movement Training International