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“She has a quiet, yet profound impact in the healing process”

I find Jessica to be professional, reassuring and insightful in her individual therapeutic sessions. She has a quiet, yet profound impact in the healing process. – Kate

Carol Ann

Jessica quickly tunes in to where the problems are and what areas need correction.  She has truly been instrumental in my body’s healing.


I have been seeing Jessica as a private client for a few years now. She has helped me to attain an overall level of wellness that I might still be searching for, if not for her informed and caring therapy. I started by looking for assistance with my posture and related joint issues. Because everything is connected, I ended up becoming attuned to my body’s requirements as a whole organism. This in turn helped me emotionally and mentally. Jessica has allowed me to realize more of my potential than I could have done without her.  She even unstuck me from some writer’s block. There is no magic in her therapy (although it feels like it). The things I have learned from working with Jessica will continue to make my life better in the years to come.


Taking care of my health, and being in charge for it was not easy. Till I met Jessica. She managed to help me heal, and show me the proper steps to take. She is truly a remarkable healer.